Extreme heat

We’ve done it. Broken an eighty year old record.

Am I happy? NO!!!

But at least we have not had any rotational load shedding – yet.

That’s political speak for power failure.

What it really means we all get to take turns being without electricity.

When we most need it.

Raili Tanska

Stay cool

26 thoughts on “Extreme heat

      1. I really feel for you, Raili … we Brits start falling over when the temperature reaches the mid-twenties! Yes, the air conditioning must be a blessing. I hope you all get some respite soon.

  1. 115 f?! Am I reading correctly? That is way too hot! I would not have gone outside! I guess I didn’t realize Australia got so hot! I just came back from New York City and we had the opposite, Monday during the day it was about 7°F with a windchill of -14°F. It was so cold, but I managed to walk around 11 miles throughout the city. Try to Stay cool over there!

  2. Holy moly Raili…I was gonna say how jealous I am of your hit temps as I’m not a happy camper dealing with the cold temps here…but when I did the conversion and saw what your temp is in F. I’m rethinking it 🥵 Keep cool and safe Raili!!

    1. Geez Linda, I would not wish our record temp on my worst enemy! it has cooled down by over 20 deg now. Thank goodness! Although next week is set to be hot again. But only in the mid 30’s.

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