RBI – No, it’s not a Star Wars Robot!

RBI, is the newest chocolate discovery in 80 years. Ruby chocolate is the fourth chocolate type after white, milk and dark chocolate.

I got a box of it for Christmas this year.

Australia was one of the first countries to launch ruby chocolate back in July 2018. Kirsten Tibballs, Australia’s Queen of chocolate,  says ruby RB1 “opens up a whole new world of ideas and makes you rethink everything you thought you knew about chocolate….The colour is amazing and the natural berry flavour works beautifully with a wide variety of flavour profiles too,” she says. “My favourite flavour pairing is between star anise, cinnamon or coconut.”

Ruby chocolate is a variety of chocolate introduced in 2017 by Barry Callebaut, a Belgian-Swiss cocoa company. The variety has been in development since 2004. It was unveiled at a private event in Shanghai on 5 September 2017.

The chocolate is made from the ruby cocoa bean. They are existing botanical cocoa bean varieties that have been identified as having the right attributes to be processed into ruby chocolate.

The chocolate’s taste is described as “sweet yet sour” with “little to none” of the cocoa flavour traditionally associated with other varieties of chocolate.

I can testify to that. They taste a bit like creamy raspberries.

Sourced in Ivory Coast, Ecuador and Brazil. Sourcing from both West Africa and Latin America,  the production methods are being kept a trade secret.

Since its unveiling, controversy and confusion seems to have raged. It’s hard to get your head around the fact that ruby chocolate isn’t simply white chocolate with strawberry colouring.  It’s a completely new variety of chocolate.

The chocolate’s colour occurs naturally in the “ruby” cocoa bean. Just what a ruby cocoa bean is hasn’t quite been revealed – the company says that ruby chocolate was “discovered” more than 10 years ago when “researchers found out that ruby chocolate was linked to precursors in a specific type of bean: the “ruby” cocoa bean.”

Whatever the facts are, I have a bowl of it on my dining room table.

Raili Tanska

“Give a child love, laughter and peace.” Nelson Mandela

18 thoughts on “RBI – No, it’s not a Star Wars Robot!

  1. Hi Raili – I am presently working on a best-selling book – ‘how to lose weight on the chocolate and ice cream diet’. I think it might be popular. It’s a follow-up to my other book – ‘Sleep your way to fitness’.
    I do like chocolate. I might have to try some of this.

  2. Creamy Raspberries, sounds Yummy, and no wonder i had never heard of this chocolate before.. It really is NEW..
    All the best Raili.. Enjoy your coming weekend the first in the NEW YEAR 🙂 much love

  3. You had me at ”chocolate”. 🙂
    Haven’t seen or heard of this before. Purely in the interests of doing a scientific tasting session, I shall have to be on the lookout for this so that I can eat a whole bag to [myself] see if I think it be popular. OBVIOUSLY, this would be purely for scientific purposes. [cough] lol.
    Wishing you a blessed day Raili ~ Cobs. xxx

    1. Just read your lengthy lego storying! I can so relate to that. I am such a novice. I would strongly recommend your scientific research. I had a day of it and reached some conclusions. It’s good. Lived experience. Blessed day to to you, too xxx

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