Ship in a bottle

For the last few years TRH (The Retired Husband) has been gifted Lego sets by son #1. Last year we both did. It was my first ever own kit. Wall.E emerged into being only because I got expert tutoring to make it.

This year TRH was given a ship in a bottle kit. It’s 962 piece construction was again interspersed with cries of “Something is wrong!”  amidst despairing cries of looking for pieces.

The glass bottom of the bottle apparently was made of pieces that all looked the same. To his ageing eyes.

His berthing endeavours were avidly watched by his father, Pekka-pappa, who is staying with us for a while. Despite offers of joining in with the construction, he very wisely chose only to observe. Don’t they look like two peas in a pod!

The HMS Leviathan,  a 74-gun third-rate ship of the British Royal Navy, was launched on 9 October 1790. She fought at the  Battle of Trafalgar under Henry William Bayntun,  near the front of the windward column led by Admiral Lord Nelson.

In 1816, after the end of the Napoleonic Wars, she was converted into a prison ship. Sadly, in 1848 she was sold and broken up.

May we all sail in peace in 2019.

Raili Tanska

15 thoughts on “Ship in a bottle

  1. The photo of Pekka-pappa and TRH made me smile … they look like two little kiddies at play-school, concentrating for all they’re worth on what they’re doing. 😀 I love Lego and a lego ship in a bottle is a lovely idea and much easier than the traditional method (laughing at Opher’s comment above, tee-hee).

    1. Hey inda, nice to hear from you ! Like you, my lego ventures have been kid related too. Hope you have had a beautiful Christmas and New Year start. And that it continues….xxx

  2. LEGO … I love to look at what people have made, and am filled with admiration for their skill.
    However … I’m bl**dy useless at building with it. Grandson, Little Cobs, knows I’m a complete numbskull when it comes to building anything with Lego, but he still gives me his lego box and tells me what he wants me to build. But he does it with a smirk on his face. He KNOWS that I can’t do it, but also knows that I’ll try.

    When I do proudly display that I’ve built an imaginary *thing* (normally something with wheel – so a vehicle of some description), he carefully takes it from my hands, smiling at me all the time. He examines it, and his smile turns into a pity smirk, and then announces:- “You’ve done it wrong, Grammy. Never mind, eh?” and takes off what he considers to the be ‘wrong things’ and then sits on the floor and rebuilds what he was wanting in the first place.

    It’s got so bad with me now that I think I either need a brown paper bag to help with the breathing, or a paramedic with an oxygen tank, when I see that red box come out of his bedroom! EEEK! LOL
    GREAT photo of the two boys playing together. FANTASTIC Ship in a Bottle Kit. I didn’t know that existed. Little Cobs would adore that one.

    Really lovely post Raili. ❤
    Sending much love ~ Cobs. xxx

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