Saturday Smiles – Customer Service

TRH (The Retired Husband) was product browsing on the net a while back. He did not complete a purchase due to exorbitant postage fees. Some time later – he received this response. It is pure gold!

Everything OK?

We are worried about you. Last we saw, you were wandering around our site, tra-la-la, throwing some PRODUXA™ Premium into your cart and then…


You disappeared.

We’re genuinely concerned you were whisked away by a large bird with strong talons and now flying somewhere over the Rocky Mountains. Or maybe stolen by a clown circus. Or you found a wormhole in your closet and now in an alternate space and time. Or you took the red pill.

If none of those things happened, we wanted to let you know we’re relieved…

…and you left one item or two in your cart. If you have any question or need help with your purchase, simply reply to this email or contact our customer experience team at

If you’re with the giant bird, or the clowns, or anything like that please write us when you’re back and tell us what it was like. Word.

If you are ready, complete your purchase now before they sell out.

2018 is nearly over. Enjoy what is left – safely and peacefully!

Raili Tanska

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