Tess’s Christmas Greeting

I really, really do wish you all a Merry Christmas.

🎅 Every year they dress me up.

👀 Do they HAVE to embarrass me like this?

🤢 I mean to say, who in their right mind turns their dog into a gingerbread cookie?

Apparently my humans do.

🤣  And what’s more, they think it’s funny.

And cute.

I just let them get on with it. It’s no good making a fuss.

😵 They won’t give up till it’s done.

Like this year. First they bought me one so big it would fit a horse. How big do they think I am?

🐾 I am dainty, petite, a princess.

🤥 🤥 First it took two of them forever to work out how to put it on.

Then they finally realised it was too big. Duh…

So what did they do?

They only went and bought a smaller one!

Seriously ?!!!  Yep. They did.

💖 I know they love me. Lots. So I tolerate it.

And after all that’s what Christmas is all about.

However you celebrate this holiday season,

let it bring you peace, joy and bucketloads of love.

🎄 And gingerbread cookies.


🎅 this greeting is from my human family too 👩‍👩‍👦‍👦

Penned by Raili Tanska

‘cos the dainty little princess has yet to learn how to write 

9 thoughts on “Tess’s Christmas Greeting

  1. Ah Tess, we humans do some strange things … you just have to humour us. Sending special Christmas cuddles to you because you really ARE so cute … and regards to your humans as well. 😀

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