Guilty as charged

Me: Tess! Come here..

Reluctantly, slow as a sloth, step by faltering step, she eventually creeps closer. And sits down at a safe distance. Right in the middle of the evidence.

Me: Did you do this?

Short of nodding her head, the signs of guilt could not be clearer.

With a nose as keen as a bloodhound, she had found the tissues in the pocket of my jacket.

Irresistible tissue heaven. She was in a tearing frenzy.

Suddenly it dawned on her that it may not be seen in the same light of delight by her humans.

Shrinking into an invisible ball of fur – or so she thought – she went to sleep, hoping against hope that no-one would notice.

But they did.

How can you be cross for more than two seconds with such an adorable little girl?!

Raili Tanska

9 thoughts on “Guilty as charged

  1. This made me laugh, can just imagine her doing her and enjoying herself. As you say how can you be upset for long. She looks adorable and suitably guilty and that alone is worth forgiveness.😊

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