TRH does it again!

He’s been at it again – The Retired Husband (TRH) that is. ‘It’ being those Man Cave projects. THE latest most impressive and hot off the press completed one is a refurbishment of our original carport. Marc’s Toyota Sprinter has finally moved to live with its master in Darwin. This means we now have a … More TRH does it again!

Declared Insane

Oh Dear God, I am doomed! Found to be lacking in mental capacity. Deemed unfit to live in decent society. Accused of heinous deeds, irresponsbilities unforgiveable.   A scourge to be banished ne’er to breathe freedom I stand accused.   Asthma Hysteria Laziness Novel reading Medicine to prevent conception Overaction of the mind Uterine derangement … More Declared Insane