20 thoughts on “About Life and Learning

  1. Mmm. Atheist..Stunning entertainer, but a lot of his stuff is arrid. Young atheists love him here in the UK. But I’m always disturbed by him, and them. But i enjoyed your video. Thank you.

      1. I thought his talk was great – good advice! I recently did an Earth Sciences course with a university. It was fantastic. But in the student’s forum where young people were struggling out of the religions they had been brought up in, I saw them attacked most cruelly by atheist students who were rigidly quoting atheist (new atheist) dogmas. I also belonged to UK Skeptics forum for many years. It dawned on me that Atheism as promoted nowadays is a dangerous ideology because it is philosophically empty. I think we have a lot of young people searching, but not finding…..

    1. I found the video quite endearing although I am not an atheist. I live in u.k & have never heard of him but then again there are lots of people I have never heard of.

      1. He is deliberately controversial with his songs, political commentary and comedy to provoke discussion and bring attention to issues. Much like newspaper cartoonists do

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