TRH does it again!

He’s been at it again – The Retired Husband (TRH) that is. ‘It’ being those Man Cave projects.

THE latest most impressive and hot off the press completed one is a refurbishment of our original carport. Marc’s Toyota Sprinter has finally moved to live with its master in Darwin. This means we now have a usable space in which to safely park The Black Beast (aka a trike) away from curious passers by who have fiddled with it and set off the alarm.

Here it is in progress. He is continuing the fencing he put up last year to provide neat rubbish bin storage. The colour scheme synchs with the house.

This old car port was made to be removable. Of course. There was reason for this madness. It would be in the way when our boat was moved out of the yard. So when the time came, it was unscrewed, popped onto a trailer and moved out of the way onto our front yard for a while.

It then became the home for Marc’s Sprinter. Once that was deemed to be unroadworthy (due to some *ahem* changes) by the local constabulary the car was stored for some years under a tarp along with spiders, mice and other assorted vermin.

Anyway, I sidetrack. It stood empty for a few months patiently waiting  for its make-over. And today, it was finished.

It looks so good!

Raili Tanska

Steps for Peace

Think  left, think right,

think low, think high

Oh, the things you can think

up if only you try

Dr Seuss




13 thoughts on “TRH does it again!

    1. He’s a bit of a jack of all trades. When he came to Australia he worked as a carpet salesman and tiler. The he worked for a while in the Mt Isa mines driving ore trains till he squashed his finger between two trucks. He moved to Adelaide, chasing me and worked in a fibreglass boat factory before branching out into building transportable homes. He squashed a couple of discs in his back which led to a career change into establishing a wholesale hardware business. After he sold that he owned a franchise in roller shutters and installation but the franchise was so bad he set up his own business which he had for the last 18 years till retirement. That is his potted history!!!

  1. Wow Raili… Your hubby is so talented… Such a very Smart Car port…
    PS Hope you received the email today tomorrow lol… Thank you So Sooooooo Much it arrived… Many thanks my friend.. ❤

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