18 thoughts on “What happens when we sleep

    1. Try searching it on YouTube. I did notice there were other longer versions there. I have seen quite a few of his other training videos over the years. They are very good.

      1. Thank you Raili. Yes, he is a highly intelligent man – just married the wrong women! Have you seen his daughter? Female version of John.

  1. Works with crosswords too!
    When I am writing a book the ideas flow. I often wake up in the night with new ideas. The subconscious is a well of creativity.

      1. Right now sleep is in the forfront. Having trouble adjusting to the time change. Don’t know why because I really don’t do much by the clock but even my dog is confused.

  2. This is relevant for me right now. I can’t find an oasis.
    It may seem as if I’ve lost interest in your posts, but I haven’t. My time is currently very limited, but more to the point, although you are on my list of followers, there’s some kind of technical glitch. WP doesn’t think I’m following you, and is making it difficult for me to comment on your posts. I hope this one reaches you.

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