Christmas is just around the corner – again! Finding a suitable gift can be challenging. The commercial hype that pushes for ever more extravagant, expensive ‘stuff’ seems to have become the norm. I don’t like it. Not one bit. As much as possible I avoid the mad rush of December when the shops are full … More Gifting

Magic Mushrooms

I saw a fascinating report on television the other night. Construction material made out of mushrooms! Have I been kept in the dark – why did I not know about this? An ecofriendly, versatile, biodegradable material made from waste. That has got to be good. As I discovered in my brief foraging for information, this … More Magic Mushrooms

Christmas Crafts

I may have mentioned that himself, The Retired Husband, has got himself a new toy in the Man Cave. He has been busy learning how to use it. These cute little reindeers are multiplying to a veritable herd on my dining room table waiting to be dressed. I think the latest tally is over 20.  … More Christmas Crafts


Oakden is just down the road from where I live. It is was a state run mental health facility for the elderly. I worked there many decades ago. It was not such a bad place back then. It got worse. A whole lot worse. People died. Distressed relatives raised concern after concern. It seemed to fall … More Whistleblowing

I Rolled My Face

It’s the latest trend in beauty care. Using a mini rolling pin on your face. While it may seem like a weird – OK, really weird – thing to do, the technique has been around since the 7th century. Originating in China, the mini rolling pin was made from jade, a semiprecious stone  that was … More I Rolled My Face