8 thoughts on “Sunday Serenity – Celebrate You

  1. Within moments I was back, on the floor, with my Pranayama Yoga Teacher. hearing her voice as she talked the small class through the total relaxation technique which I loved. (I’d have gone to the class simply for that!).

    Thank you Raili for this wonderful share. Although I’ve practised the relaxation on my own for many years now, actually having someone talk you through it, somehow enables you to make that connection in a much greater way than when you’re own brain is talking to you. Much greater effect.

    Love you oodles for this. I’m bookmarking it and will be coming back to it. I’m also going to send a link to a friend who I know will benefit from it.
    Sending much love ~ Cobs. xxx

    1. Oh my Cobs! I am triply blessed with your presence on my blog. And your wonderful comments. I do agree guided meditation is so much more effective. Interestingly, I do live meditation for friends from time to time and having done so for many years I find myself able to fall into a deep relaxed state at the same time. Sometimes, I must confess, I slip down the rabbit hole too 🙂

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