Brain Matters

The human brain has a staggering 200 billion neurons forming a  vast cellular network that makes us capable of thought and consciousness. Our brains are – simply put – simply AMAZING.

For yonks we were told that what we  were born with brain-wise was it. Lose it, or bits of it,  and it’s gone forever. I witnessed firsthand that this is – simply put – not true. My mother had several episodes in her life where she lost memory, the ability to speak, read and write. And every time it happened, she recovered.

This can be explained by two concepts. Neuroplasticity and neurogenesis.

Neuroplasticity is the ability of the brain to form new connections and pathways and change how its circuits are wired; neurogenesis is the even more amazing ability of the brain to grow new neurons (Bergland, 2017).

As we learn, we create new neural pathways in the brain. We are literally rewiring our brains.

We can boost neuroplasticity, Here’s some of the ways –

  • Intermittent fasting increases synaptic adaptation, promotes neuron growth, improves overall cognitive function, and decreases the risk of neurodegenerative disease.
  • Traveling: exposes your brain to novel stimuli and new environments, opening up new pathways and activity in the brain.
  • Using mnemonic devices: memory training can enhance connectivity in the prefrontal parietal network and prevent some age-related memory loss.
  • Learning a musical instrument: may increase connectivity between brain regions and help form new neural networks.
  • Non-dominant hand exercises: can form new neural pathways and strengthen the connectivity between neurons.
  • Reading fiction: increases and enhances connectivity in the brain.
  • Expanding your vocabulary: activates the visual and auditory processes as well as memory processing.
  • Creating artwork: enhances connectivity of the brain at rest (the “default mode network” or DMN), which can boost introspection, memory, empathy, attention, and focus.
  • Dancing: reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s and increases neural connectivity.
  • Sleeping: encourages learning retention through the growth of the dendritic spines that act as connections between neurons and help transfer information across cells (Nguyen, 2016)

An article published  in the journal Frontiers of Computational Neuroscience reports on the Blue Brain Project in Lausanne, Switzerland as having found evidence of a multidimensional universe inside our brain.

Scientists utilise reverse engineering  to recreate cellular level imaging in a computer simulation. The goal of the project is to gain a complete understanding of the brain and from this, help in the long term to enable better and faster development of brain disease treatments. .

These are interesting times in which we live! Go forth and boost…

Raili Tanska

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