Sunset Art Show in Sydney

Badu Gili – Google Images

The sails of the Sydney Opera House have stunning images projected onto them.

Badu Gili, is a nightly year-round sunset projection onto the sails of the Sydney Opera House viewed by more than 160,000 visitors in person visitors, and another 620,000 online in its debut year.  Launched with new artwork in July 2018 and animated in collaboration with Yakkazoo, Badu Gili has given First Nations artists the opportunity to present their stories to an unprecedented international audience.

In the language of the Gadigal people, traditional owners of Bennelong Point, the location of the Opera House,  Badu Gili means “water light”.

This is what three of the artists have to say about their work –

Penny Evans, Gamilaraay Woman

‘For me, it’s been an investigation of my personal story through to my mother’s story, my grandmother’s, my great-grandmother’s,” she says. “When I grew up in the ‘70s, we knew nothing. We weren’t told anything about anything. We were all in the same boat – blackfellas, whitefellas, everyone was in the same boat around the history of what had taken place.

I want them to see that Aboriginal art isn’t just one thing. There’s no one stereotype of art that is Aboriginal.’

Mervyn Rubuntja, Japanangka

observed and painted what he knew: the sprawling landscapes of Alice Springs with their shocks of red plains, broken up only by green foliage and distant mountains sunken blue in shadow.

‘I paint so the next generation can see for themselves what the land looked like.’

Pat Ansell Dodds, Central Arrernte and Mudburra Elder

‘I started after I lost my younger brother, who was the artist. When he passed away, I thought I needed to paint our culture so I could share it with my children and grandchildren. And I felt in my heart it was so important to do that, even though it took me a long time to really paint the way I do today.

We’re people that have knowledge about who we are. And what we’re doing here is sharing it with the rest of Australia.’

Raili Tanska

Steps for Peace

One little person giving all of her time to peace

makes news.

Many people giving some of their time,

can make history.

Peace Pilgrim



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