Creations from The Man Cave

The Retired Husband (TRH) has been squirreling away in his Man Cave for many moons past.

This valet chair was made for the newly renovated guest bedroom. He adapted a chair originally made by his dad. Like all the other bedroom furniture it is made from recycled palette wood. You can’t see from the photo but the top bit is a small tray to put bits and pieces on like coins, keys etc. Then there is a coat hanger bit. Underneath the seat is a slanted, slatted board for shoes.

Now he just needs to make the bedside lamps. Got to keep the boy busy!

Finns make stuff out of wood. I think it must be in our genes.  And of course back in the ancient times there was no such thing as cutlery, especially not made of metal. You either used your hands, leaves or some sort of wooden implements. I guess that is where the butter knife originates. This butter knife is far superior to the ones you can buy in the shops these days. The blade is better designed and has a thin edge like a proper knife. My only criticism is that I find the handle too chunky. TRH is miffed about that. But in my dainty little hands it feels too big. I am only giving constructive feedback anyway…

Son #2 asked Dad to make him some under the bed storage boxes. He scored two. Dare I say they are far superior to anything you could get in the shops. Of course.

Not wanting to be left out, our surrogate son from next door asked TRH if would make him a BBQ chopping board out of the left over piece of kitchen bench top. You know – the bit they cut out to put in the sink. He is in the process of renovating his kitchen. And here it is – the chopping board.

©  Raili Tanska

Steps for Peace

A society is defined not only by what it creates,

but by what it refuses to destroy.

John Sawhill



10 thoughts on “Creations from The Man Cave

  1. Ah, tis wonderful to have a man that can make. I have one of those too Rali, and life would be so ‘ordinary’ without him. I know I’d get quite bored with ‘personality lacking’ bits & bobs and fabulous furniture made just ‘so’. We are so blessed with the men we chose to spend our lives with, aren’t we?.

    LOVE the butter knife – but I can see what you mean about the handle. Great knife though.
    Sending love and squidges ~ Cobs. xxx

    1. I can’t imagine what it would like not to have a man who can make and fix things. There is not a lot he can’t do. Blessed – yes indeed! Love and squidges righ back at you – Raili x

  2. My gosh, that man can do just about anything, can’t he??? Awesome chair! I need a tall slim plant stand for my plants now that we’ve put the sliding doors in the kitchen. You think he’d be up too that? )

  3. Raili, your hubby is a very talented craftsman.. Love the chair and all the items.. I think I might have found the handle of the knife a little chunky too.. And of course we have to give constructive views… I mean if we burnt the spuds we would get some criticism too lol 🙂
    Love and Hugs my friend..

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