The One


Abracadabra, hillagazoom!! 

Kapow! Zoom! Bim bam bong !!

Damn it! Nothing was working. All the spells and enchantments I’d so carefully learned and secreted into the nooks and crannies of my mind were useless. Each of these seemingly nonsensical words had been painstakingly built literally letter by letter. Layer upon layer of magic just like the most delicate puff pastry.  Each spell was unique to me.  No one else in the Woods of Enchantment – Wizards, Witches, Faeries, Goblins, Elves and Shapeshifters – knew what they were for. That’s why my magic was so sought after. I was that damn good. Well, used to be. And then – poof!  It just disappeared. As if by magic….

Hang on a god-dang minute. Who was new to The Woods? Was there someone greater and more powerful than me here now?!  I took a deep breath and turned my thoughts into my mind. Sending out a trail of enchantment – that seemed to work OK – I sniffed and snaffed the scents in The Woods. While I was doing that, I looked for any traces of strange scents and energy entrails as well.  Hmmmm.  Uh- huh.  Ahaaa !! There it was. The faintest whiff of mustiness – something very, very ancient. And a slight rippling in the air. A disturbance of sorts that I almost missed.

Excited, I followed my nose like a bloodhound. I’m sure my tail was wagging, or rather, what there was left of it. I’d lost half of it in an accident just last week. It  was still bandaged up.  That thought made me stop in my tracks. As if a candle had been lit in my head.  I wonder…….. I’d not quite been myself since the accident.  In fact, I’d had to take time off from my usual spell casting and potion blending to recover. There was quite a back log of orders to process sitting on my desk waiting for me.  Perhaps I’d lost my magic when  I lost the tip of my tail !!

So what was it that I was following? It lured me with an ever increasing pressure. The smell grew stronger. The disturbance in the air was a very visible vortex now. More than that, it was leading me somewhere. Every time I stopped, it stopped. Then it seemed to get impatient  and gave me a bit of a whack on the side of the head before it moved  on again, stopping to see if I was following.  Curious, I quickened my pace.  It led me to the entrance of a cave deep in The Woods. I’d heard many a tale  told about this mysterious cave. The stories ranged from the ridiculous to the most intriguing.

One I’d heard just the other day, told of an ancient magician who had lived in the cave.  Descended from the heavens aeons ago, he had brought special magic with him from the stars.  Long gone now, it is foretold that he had left behind a precious talisman. Great power and  magic had been stored in it, awaiting for The One.   As I thought about this tale, my heart skipped a beat. I wonder ….perhaps the accident had not been an accident at all. Perhaps, perhaps…. So many thoughts crowded my mind as I entered the cave. The vortex was now shimmering in sparkles of gold as it led me deeper and deeper into the cave.The Book

A  round cavern opened up at the end of the passageway. Sitting on a plinth in the middle of it was an object. It’s golden glow reflected softly off the walls of the cavern. Slowly, I approached it. Hardly daring to breathe, I put my hand out to touch  what looked like an ancient book. Large, with golden borders, it pulsed and hummed as I touched it.  A shock of energy, like a bolt of lightning, entered my body.  It knocked me off my feet.

I woke up in my bed. Confused and disoriented, I shook my head. A dream perhaps? But it had seemed so real.  Slowly, I got up. Dizziness overwhelmed me for a moment. Holding onto chairs and tables and whatnot, I made my way into the Spells and Charms room. My tail felt quite peculiar. Turning around to have a look, my mouth fell open in astonishment. My half tail was no longer! It had grown back, longer, stronger, and far more exquisite than it was before.  And there, on the desk where my back orders had been, was a neatly labelled box of filled orders ready made. Right next to them, the ancient tome.  My Book of Inspiration.

© Raili Tanska

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17 thoughts on “The One

      1. I’m pleased to hear it. I don’t like trick or treat. It smacks too much of begging. But I like Scottish Halloween – dooking (ducking) for apples and looking into a mirror at midnight to see the reflection of the one they will wed… spooky fun. My mum was a Scot. She threw the best Halloween party ever.

  1. Fabulously engrossing story, which I raced alongside it as it gathered pace.
    Great bit of writing Rali. Loved it and wanted it to go on … and on! hmm… perhaps a book is inside you trying to get out?
    Wishing you a blessed rest of your day. ~ Cobs. xxx

    1. It warms the cockles of my heart when people tell me they like my stories. Nope – not a book…. but I do write short stories, sometimes serials. When the muse is active they just emerge without effort 🙂 You’ll find them in the fiction category or kid’s stories. Thanks for the visit and lovely comment, Cobs. A blessed day to you too xx

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