Food hacks

I learnt some new tricks – My posts will be short and sweet for the next few days until we get our internet connection sorted out. Every time they come and do some fiddling with connections in the street we lose our landline. Guess what? There were three guys out three times yesterday! Grrrrrrr………. Raili … More Food hacks

It’s all in the Heart

Have you heard about heart coherence? I’ve been listening to a series of podcasts about Ancient Medicines for Modern Illness in the last week. Hosted by Nick Polizzi from Sacred Science, it’s a fascinating series.  What is becoming increasingly clear is that there is profound wisdom in what some call ‘old wives tales’ or ‘witchcraft’. … More It’s all in the Heart

Salt 101

 We all take salt for granted. It can be found in every kitchen, pantry cupboard, dining room table. But did you know that salt is really, really versatile. It can be used for cleaning, cooking (duh, of course!) health, beauty, fun… Why salt is good for you It is made up of sodium and choride, … More Salt 101