Saturday Smiles – Dads and Daughters


Daughter needs feminine hygiene products. Text to Dad :

I’m in Tescos, where are they? 

They’re by all the deodorants and shampoos.

Ok, found them. Which ones do you want?


Always what??

No, they’re called Always.

Oh seen. What in the fuck!! £3.50??? Now what there’s hundreds of them.

Calm down. Hundreds of them?

This woman’s looking at me weird, hurry up.

I need the nighttime ones. Should be purple packaging. Scented and with wings please.

Wtf are wings? How will I know if they are scented, will I have to smell them?

LOL. It will say so on the packet, chill out.

Ok cause smelling them would have been weird, wouldn’t it. Do you need any creams?

Will I have to smell them?

Yes. It’s a scratch and sniff box, duh.

Do you need any creams?

What in the fuck? Why would I need creams?

Because I thought you ladies needed creams for after. 

Omg. Just pick them up and come home.

Ok. Satan needs a feeding. I’ll bring you choc.

May your weekend be stress free.

© Raili Tanska

Steps for Peace

Children are the living messages

we send to a time

we will not see


8 thoughts on “Saturday Smiles – Dads and Daughters

  1. I have to smile at this. I once picked up some hygiene products for a woman friend, without so much as batting an eyelash. In rural Maine, in the early seventies, that was virtually unknown-but friends are friends.

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