When things go wrong

It has been one of those weeks. What with bedroom renovations nearing completion, I headed off three days ago to go and buy some nice, good quality bed linen. I found a set of 1000 thread count cotton going at an exceptionally good price. Although not exactly in the colours I was after, I nevertheless settled for a serene dove grey. When unpacking it in the bedroom, I was miffed to find only one pillowcase. Where was the other one? I shook all the linen. No. I reached for the package. Oh shit – I had bought a king single!  There was nothing for it but to hoof back to the shopping centre to exchange it.

Given that our car, Big Red is – well, BIG – parking it is still a challenge for me. The Ford Explorer takes a lot of space. She’s long and wide. And contrary to my usual shopping trips I had gone to a major shopping centre to chase the sales. Damnation, I thought, now I have to go back! Well, there was nothing for it but to bite the bullet, seize the bull by the horns, hop in the brute and go find a park – again – that leaves me plenty of space on all sides. I was fortunate both times.  Next week I would not have been given the schools are on holiday break.

While at Big W, I took time to check out bedside lamps. Sheet exchange was not a problem except that they did not have any more soft grey. I had to settle for dark grey. Not so much a problem as I could swap the guest room sheets over to ours. Dark grey would be perfectly fine for that room.

The selection of bedside lamps was limited. However, I found a very nice rose gold wire one with an interesting light globe that fitted the bill nicely. Not only that, it was cheaper than any others I had looked at. Pleased with my find I purchased two and headed home. On opening the box, I discovered to my horror that I had bought pendant lamps by mistake. Damn! Damn! Damn!  Of course, like the sheets, the packaging was boldly emblazoned with text informing would be buyers exactly what was in the package. I had not seen it. Do I need new glasses? Or a new brain? Perhaps both.

The lamps of course could not be converted into table top ones. Back again – this time for a refund.

Today,  The Retired Husband (TRH)   had to go out too. So he took me to the shopping centre and waited in the car while I went in. I was in and out in ten minutes. No dramas with needing to park Big Red. I was in the passenger seat.

And no need to look for bedside lamps. He’s decided to make them. In fact he found a really nice, unusual looking one on YouTube complete with instructions. Which he will modify of course. In fact, I think I hear him working in the Man Cave at this very moment. He finished the valet chair this morning so he needed a new challenge.

I doubt I will be going back to that shopping centre any time soon. Not only is parking always a nightmare. It’s even worse currently as there are major renovations in process reducing the amount of car parks available.

Besides, I am over going to major shopping centres  at the moment. I need to recover and regain my senses.

© Raili Tanska

Steps for Peace

Stop being afraid of what could go wrong.

Start being excited about what could go right.
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10 thoughts on “When things go wrong

  1. That is so aggravating! I’ve done the same thing.The funniest one was when I was first dating my now husband, he asked me to pick up his favorite beer on the way over. So I stopped at the store, grabbed the 12-pack and walked into his house with my offering. He looked at the carton with an odd look and said “Are you trying to tell me something?” What I didn’t know is that this brand has a non-alcoholic version, which has packaging the same color as the regular beer and clearly states “non-alcoholic.” I didn’t read the packaging, I only went by color. Fortunately he has a great sense of humor and rarely gets angry over ridiculous things.

  2. TRG is a man of miracles, so if you don’t like that shopping centre, you could always ask him to build you a more Raili-friendly one, and stock it with all the things you’ll ever want to buy – all created by his magic hands. That way you’ll never end up with the wrong size bedding, since it won’t be in available 🙂

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