What a Voice!

This young man’s voice is incredible.

24 year old Dimash Kudaibergen from Kazakhstan has an amazing vocal range. Reports vary on just how wide that range is – anything from four to  SIX octaves. Whatever the truth is,  his range reaches the bottom notes of the baritone register, all the way through to the highest soprano notes, and on to the whistle register. His lowest recorded note is C2. His highest note recorded is D8. And to boot he prefers to sing live – without lip synching –  in Kazakh, Russian, English, Mandarin, French, Turkish, Ukrainian, Serbian, German and Italian.

Raili Tanska

Steps for Peace

Music transcends language

20 thoughts on “What a Voice!

    1. I must say hitting those super high notes can be a bit ear piercing. I couldn’t find any videos with subtitles so I’m not even sure what language he is singing in for this video.

  1. Oh …Highly Incredible… Has put in the mood, for my night out at the opera this evening, to watch my niece April sing up in Melbourne, she’s a main soprano in a Offenbach triptych the BK Opera group are doing.

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