Saturday Smiles – Eyebrows on Fleek

They are called many things – a polite term is eyebrows.

To have eyebrows on fleek is the ultimate goal in beauty – perfection. Gone are the days of a quick tweeze or wax.  That is, if being on trend is important to you.

From a medical, scientific perspective eyebrows are –

1. supercilium; the transverse elevation at the junction of the forehead
and the upper eyelid.
2. supercilia; the hairs growing on this elevation.
Their function is to protect our eyes so we can see.
Others may call them –
Brow Monster
Facial Fire Hazards 
Pluck Project 
Needs a Tweeze 

It’s not just the young and beautiful who care about what their eyebrows look like

Raili Tanska

Steps for Peace

Be beautiful on the inside

12 thoughts on “Saturday Smiles – Eyebrows on Fleek

  1. Raili…This is hilarious!!! It is also something I just can not stand. Fake brows .I have a young friend that does this and she look like a clown. I offered help but she doesn’t listen and so..what ever. I do understand the problem for older women but please. Your brows don’t belong up by your hair line.

  2. One time when I was younger I decided to definitively figure out what the heck the ideal eyebrow shape was. After scrutinizing many photos of beauties (some were bushy, some were thin, some were arched, some were rounded, some light, some dark, some heavier toward the center, some longer toward the outside), I realized that there were no hard and fast eyebrow rules. And I never plucked my eyebrows again. Hahaha

      1. The ancient Greeks liked a bit of a monobrow!
        Unfortunately my hair is too light to really grow a proper one, so I’ll always have a figure that’s less than Greek.

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