When the Fix is not Fixed

I’m having a grizzle today.

Our internet is a fickle beast. Well, perhaps not the internet itself. More the connections. Roll out of the National Broadband Network (NBN) has been abysmal. It does not deliver what it is supposed to. Instead of putting in fibre optics they used old copper cables. That is part of the problem. The other major factor is that the infrastructure is not able to meet service demand due to development and growth. That is my naive take on it.

But we have been limping along. What we have learnt through bad experience is that every time a technician arrives to fiddle with the connections in the street they break our landline connection. That starts a roller coaster of more problems. Last week we had three different crews working in the street at three different times of the same day.

We lost the connection. So did our neighbour. Predictable. TRH sat on  the phone. To NBN to tell them we had no internet. The same to our phone service provider. Our neighbour did the same. He has a different provider. We were told it would not be fixed till after the weekend. Sometime on the weekend he received a text message letting us know that a technician would come on Monday between 8am and mid-day.

The technician arrived. He fiddled with the connection and nodes and whatever else he had to do. Great. We got the internet back. For half an hour.

You see, what happened is that our neighbour’s service provider came and fixed his. And broke ours. TRH went to talk to him. To let him know ours was broken – again. No. He could not do anything about it only being tasked to attend to the neighbour’s line.

So – back on the phone again. To our surprise, the same technician from that morning came out later in the day. To fix the fix he had already fixed.  And the other technician had broken but had blamed this technician for not knowing what he was doing ?????? A bonus for us was that this guy left us his card so we can contact him direct next time it happens as he is familiar with the job now. And as a bonus he bought one of TRH’s wooden tissue box covers.

Every time we see technicians working on connections in the street we groan in despair. There was a couple in the street today. By some magic we are still connected. I’m not holding my breath……

©  Raili Tanska

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20 thoughts on “When the Fix is not Fixed

  1. Happens there too?
    Every time any kind of technician works in the apartment complex opposite our house, our telephone lines get messed up. I though it only happened in India 🙂

  2. yes been there and still going on with internet falling out in the middle of paying bills. It is as you say Raili, too many new developments and all on the same old copper telephone wire, at least in my area. Just sooo frustrating.
    School holidays are the worst, everybody is on the computer and we have no internet sometimes till 12 midnight.
    Hang in there and I hope it will get better. 😏

  3. Huh. Tell me about it. I’ve been on the phone to my mobile and internet supplier countless times over the past few weeks, since I switched from a company that rarely caused me problems. Every time I think they’ve messed up in every way they possibly can, they find a new way to mess up. I’m about to phone them… again.

      1. Ours is the result of a penny pinching Federal government trying to save money. The consequence of course it that in fixing the problems this creates it is costing them more !

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