Saturday Smiles – Dads and Daughters

  Daughter needs feminine hygiene products. Text to Dad : I’m in Tescos, where are they?  They’re by all the deodorants and shampoos. Ok, found them. Which ones do you want? Always. Always what?? No, they’re called Always. Oh seen. What in the fuck!! £3.50??? Now what there’s hundreds of them. Calm down. Hundreds of them? This … More Saturday Smiles – Dads and Daughters

When things go wrong

It has been one of those weeks. What with bedroom renovations nearing completion, I headed off three days ago to go and buy some nice, good quality bed linen. I found a set of 1000 thread count cotton going at an exceptionally good price. Although not exactly in the colours I was after, I nevertheless … More When things go wrong

A Riveting Read

I’m not a great fan of sci fi or horror novels. However, on our recent roadtrip to Darwin himself bought a Dean Ray Koontz Jane Hawk thriller. We were both hooked and ploughed through The Silent Corner, The Whispering Room, The Crooked Staircase. Turns out we had started reading a five book series, only three of … More A Riveting Read

What a Voice!

This young man’s voice is incredible. 24 year old Dimash Kudaibergen from Kazakhstan has an amazing vocal range. Reports vary on just how wide that range is – anything from four to  SIX octaves. Whatever the truth is,  his range reaches the bottom notes of the baritone register, all the way through to the highest soprano notes, and on … More What a Voice!

Saturday Smiles – Eyebrows on Fleek

They are called many things – a polite term is eyebrows. To have eyebrows on fleek is the ultimate goal in beauty – perfection. Gone are the days of a quick tweeze or wax.  That is, if being on trend is important to you. From a medical, scientific perspective eyebrows are – 1. supercilium; the transverse elevation at the junction of the forehead and the upper eyelid. 2. supercilia; the hairs growing on this elevation. Their … More Saturday Smiles – Eyebrows on Fleek

A Guest Room

We have been busy the last couple of months. TRH (The Retired Husband) has been making bedroom  furniture from palettes.  And I have been busy piling up all the stuff ready for styling the newly renovated guest bedroom. We did that today. Still a few finishing touches left – but it is ready for the … More A Guest Room