Kim’s Photos – #1

The Retired Husband’s baby brother has turned to photography.

He’s pretty good. Enjoy these shots of our state

through his camera lens.

Semaphore Beach lookout
Second Valley

When the moon turns night into day

with the lights of Adelaide on the horizon.

Star trails

Messing around capturing star trails in my back yard.

This is 125 images stacked in photoshop.

Zoom in and you can see a satellite just above the aeroplane trails.

The clouds finally cleared and I was able to capture the Milky Way core.
It’s amazing what you see if you just look up. 
Largs Bay Jetty
Raili Tanska
Steps for Peace
Spend time in Nature.
It restores and heals.

26 thoughts on “Kim’s Photos – #1

  1. OML! He’s got a terrific eye for photography! That one of the lightning strikes was amazing, as was the star trails. I loved that last one, too. They were all amazing.

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