The Neighbourhood Snoop

Is that what I have become? The front window provides a panoramic view of our little cul-de-sac. As we sit at breakfast, we watch the goings on outside. There is a lot some days. Three suburban blocks have mushroomed into 6, each sprouting new little – and I mean LITTLE – houses. Built so close nothing fits between their outer walls.

This morning there was a hive of activity. Noisy machinery. A gardening service van, tradies cars and trucks. Himself – (TRH – The Retired Husband) wanted to know what was going on.

ME – I don’t know

TRH – Why not?! You should.

ME – Why is it up to me?

TRH –  ‘cos. Then you let me know.

Truth be told I was curious. It turns out the gardeners were not cutting lawns or pruning trees or even weeding. They must have been putting in a new garden. In a new build where the back yard is barely big enough to stand in?! We knew this because we saw them emerge from that property.

But the noisy machinery got to me. I saw a tradie emerge from somewhere pulling a machine that looked like it was made for cutting. I just had to know. So I did the next best thing. I texted my BFF.

ME-  Did you have a tradie over this morning … ?

BFF – No …

ME – I was told by TRH I should be keeping a closer eye on the neighbourhood

BFF – I would have to agree.

ME – On no! the pressure, the responsibility.

BFF – You should invest in a gopro. You could set it up while you sleep so it can record.

ME – Now there’s a thought. I could spy on everyone. I need to get a life…

BFF – I actually like watching people. Maybe because I know lots of nutters. The other day I was waiting to be served, felt something on my shoulder, and was a lady stroking it! wtf…

ME – What????? Serious?! Did you remind her of her pet dog perhaps? I like to watch people too but I think there’s  a sanity limit?

ME – Not that you look like a dog. No. Not at all.

BFF – Lol. I think she was simple .

ME – It’s you. Your energy attracts them.

BFF – ** said  I am a **** magnet.

ME – Noooo!  That’s a horrid thing to say. You attract beautiful people. They’re just – different…

BFF – That’s for sure

We ended it there. I still don’t have an answer to what that tradie was up to. I’m going outside to prune the roses and see what I can see.

© Raili Tanska

Steps for Peace 
When dogs of war bark
Don’t feed them.
Sarah from Fresh Hell

26 thoughts on “The Neighbourhood Snoop

  1. As an old tradie, I think I’d rather be a people watcher these days….. No noise in my block today, but there will soon over the next few weeks. The big security/safety have gone up…… major works starting soon.

      1. My paddock over the road is becoming a housing estate, about 50 blocks and a new road. Lots big trucks and digging for a while …

      2. that will change your neighbourhood hugely. Whenever we’ve had that kind of construction in our neighbourhood all the field mice nests are disturbed. And some of them always find their way into our home. Be prepared….not to mention the dust and the noise. Lots of both. We’ve had construction crews in our little street for the last 3-4 years. I’m over it but expect it to continue for some 6 months or more as the last house has only just been started. And there’s 2 others that are in slow mode… nothing happens in them for months at a time. The owners must be sooooo frustrated.

      3. I hope this construction doesn’t drag on too long, all the blocks have been pre-sold. I’ll have to buy some mouse traps…

  2. These days it is not telling what might be going on. We had a neighbor in the past, well I can’t say they were friends,who burned their “trailer’ down burning trash. They were really cooking and it wasn’t turnip greens.

  3. hahahaha….so love this Raili!! Jim was never interested in the goings on….as for me, Id be the one peeping through the blinds hoping at some point the info would turn up on the Facebook information page…lol

    1. Yeah, but squashed in like sardines? Here in Australia ? We are lucky there is a public park just at the corner. And of course our own garden. In fact, Adelaide is pretty green – I hope they keep it that way.

      1. Who knows. I put it down to greed. The local councils are reaping twice the rates as old blocks are being subdivided. The original owners are getting paid for land, keeping the larger portion for themselves to rebuild a bigger house. The sliver that is sold is so small there is barely room for a house not to mention a garden… All of this extra building puts a burden on utilities like water, sewerage, electricity which is no longer able to keep up with the demand…. and on it goes 😦

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