Soul Home

This beautiful piece was penned by Eric from My Sword and Shield – 

It is no feature of her face, nor motion of her form,

which calls her “beautiful” in my eyes

It is that she walks in my soul and calls it “home


Many have left footprints in my Heart and Soul as our paths crossed and merged for a time, leaving behind an essence of their Being for me to treasure in quiet moments of  contemplation.

Yet others – those precious and dear to me – have stayed and call it home.

Who, I wonder, walks in  your Soul and calls it home?

Raili Tanska

Steps for Peace
The sign of a beautiful person
is that they always
see beauty in others



10 thoughts on “Soul Home

    1. the Jane i know is more than welcoming 🙂 but you’re right of course, we all question ourselves and are harsh critics of ourselves. Perhaps we need to extend that welcome to ourselves as well …

  1. A beautiful notion of “home”. There is a comfort and a closeness in such a relationship that transcends the idea of “place”. Thank you for sharing.

  2. very profound, our soul is our home and as you say some leave footprints and some stay longer … Jane is already in mine, her poetry, her kids, her raw openness 🙂

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