Being Me

Heart tree

  • Get to know your Soul — go in. Inside yourself. Read. Talk. Ask Big Questions of Life. Look for answers. Write it down. Draw it. Sing it. Dance it.
  • Take me time —  Meditate. Lots. Pray. Go outside. To peaceful, soothing places. Maybe a forest. The Beach. A retreat. Have a date night with yourself. Get to know and love you. Try new ways of being quiet with you. Find one you really, really like.
  • Ask yourself loads of questions — do like Sherlock Holmes. Look for clues Seek answers. Dismiss nothing till you check it out. It just might be the gold nugget you’ve been looking for.
  • Feel the pain, feel the grief – be strong like a lion. Courageous. Work through it. It’s healing. If it gets tough, ask a friend to hold your hand.
  • Walk the talk — Practice what you’ve learnt. It consolidates it .  And integrates it into your life. Be grateful. Have an attitude of gratitude for everything.
  •  Work from the heart –  always.  Stay centred in Love. Stay grounded.  Explore choices, ask questions from this space. Ask yourself if it feels right and good. If it does, then it is.
  • Accept everything that comes your way. There’s a kernel of gold in the hard stuff too.  You might just have to dig a little deeper to find it sometimes. It comes to you for a reason. Accept it for what it is. Be discerning. Investigate. Learn.  You may be surprised at what you find.
  • Detach —  Don’t attach meaning to things that come your way. Don’t judge yourself, or others. Look at challenges, confusion, chaos, problems  as gifts. They bring growth and learning.
  • Notice stuff — like  synchronicities, patterns, recurring themes – things that grab your attention for some reason. What are you being shown? Is it an opportunity?  A lesson? Listen for the answers. Learn. Practice. Then walk the talk.
  • Let your Inner Child out to play — Often. It feeds the Soul. Join in with the kids. They’re great teachers.
  • Breathe — Stop. Often. Breathe deeply. Breathe mindfully. Then get on with your stuff feeling refreshed and new.

©  Raili Tanska

Steps for Peace
You’ll never find peace of mind
until you listen to your heart.


18 thoughts on “Being Me

  1. “Detach — Don’t attach meaning to things that come your way. Don’t judge yourself, or others. Look at challenges, confusion, chaos, problems as gifts. They bring growth and learning.”

    Thank you for this advice, which is a gift in itself – one which I will pass on to someone who needs it right now.

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