6 thoughts on “No Words Needed

  1. If you get Netflix, there’s a show Jerry Seinfeld does where he interviews comedians (driving in a car, then having coffee with them). In Season 5, he does a half hour show with Jerry Lewis shortly before he passed away. It’s worth viewing if you have access.

  2. Loved the Marcel Marceau clips! He was so talented. I got to see him once live. I don’t know how but he could make his forearm that he was pretending was on a table and was actually able to flatten that muscle like it would be resting on a table. But the most amazing act in that performance was him putting on an imaginary mask of a very happy face. Then he tried to pull it off and got angry and then scared all while having this happy mask “on”. How he could depict two intense emotions at the same time was amazing. Thanks for sharing this.

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