Radishes or Cookies?

Yep – there is a point to this weird heading.

Change is an act or process through which something becomes different.

Acceptance is the action of consenting to receive or undertake something offered, or the process or fact of being received as adequate, valid, or suitable.

Passivity  is allowing others to do things to you without complaining or pushing back.

Resignation is the acceptance of something undesirable but inevitable.

Whether we like it or not, Life is all about change. The longer we live, the more changes we go through – it’s as inevitable as death and taxes.


Some change is good.  Some change we actively seek. Some change is neutral. Some change is just yuk. What I have learnt over the years is that if the change is unavoidable it is in my best interest to simply accept it and get on with life and whatever has to be done.   That, to me, is acceptance.

Passivity implies non-participation or non-action in the event/change.  A being ‘done to’ rather than a ‘doing with’.

And resignation – well, I think it implies a negative state of mind. At heart I am an optimist so this does not sit well with me at all. There is also a danger that it could lead to resentment and anger. And that’s not good. It could lead to conflict.  And conflict could lead to all sorts of other nasty things.

Not that I’m averse to the odd disagreement or healthy debate about differing points of view. That’s a good thing. What I’m talking about here is the escalation of negativity that can easily spin out of control.  Often it’s the petty little things that are the catalyst. Like the proverbial “I’m mad you left the lid off the toothpaste” kind of thing. And before you know it relationships break down.  You get ‘kicked’ so you ‘kick’ the cat or the dog or yell at the kids. Neighbourhood disputes occur.  Road rage happens. Communities boil over into rage. Countries go to war….I’m sure you get my drift, even though it may seem a bit of an exaggerated extreme.

Learning to live and cope with change is so important.  It’s a life skill we all need.

For me it’s all in how I think about things. Now I know that sounds trite, but it’s true. If I think something is really bad, then that’s how it is –  regardless of what others may think.  And it keeps on being bad until I decide that it’s not.  Here’s an example from my life. As a kid I absolutely detested onions. Just the thought of eating them made me feel sick. In fact, even after we got married I refused to have them in the house for years. Until one day I discovered that onions are a wonderful flavour enhancer for all kinds of food. AND they’re good for you! It’s like the onion light bulb was switched on in that moment. Now I put them in just about every savoury dish I make.  And I love them. However, I do draw the line at what Mum used to do. She juiced raw onion, rubbed it into her hair and scalp, and left it steep overnight. Apparently it stopped your hair from going grey. It didn’t. And it stank !!

What about you? What do you think?
© Raili Tanska

Steps for Peace

Small changes eventually lead to huge results.



15 thoughts on “Radishes or Cookies?

  1. I love onions and garlis and yes they are both good for you. But I know of two friends who claimed to be very allergic to garlic,even being in the same room, ….both are no longer here.

    1. What a tragedy to be allergic to garlic. Mind you we had a friend who was so allergic to seafood of any kind he could not be anywhere near it and had to carry an epipen with him at all times 😦

  2. I tend to side with you Raili………the last 1 1/2 has brought about many changes for me…I’m accepting them and rolling with them as best I can. The alternative just isn’t an option for me……..as for the onions, I love them but not for my hair..lol

  3. agree. Change is good for us especially if it is for the better. We just need to declare what we want to the universe and it will be ours:)

    Btw, your mom action is a no no.. I would prefer colour my hair than put onion on it. ha..ha.. I like onions and I cook with it on most dishes.

  4. Change is a fearful thing for people who do not have enough confidence in their own present situation. I very much agree with your comment “it’s all in how I think about things”. Our mind is a powerful instrument and understanding of self is, I believe, the key to developing that confidence in your own present. It’s a hard lesson but a necessary one.

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