Channeling My Inner Picasso

Terra – Storm

Two weeks ago I discovered fluid painting.

It was so much fun I just had to do more. So I did. After all, we are converting Marc’s old bedroom into a guest bedroom. The walls are a blank canvas just screaming out for some artwork. Perfect. I was going to create my own masterpieces. Channel my inner Picasso.

TRH (The Retired Husband) is away nursing his convalescing father post heart surgery. The timing couldn’t have been better. I had the house to myself to play in.

The dining room was converted into a temporary artist studio.

Terra – Cosmos


The table was covered in layers of old newspapers. As was the floor surrounding it. Fluid painting is delightfully messy.

I had all the bottles of paint in a row at one end of the table. A bottle of water. Half a bottle of vodka – no, I was not going to imbibe it. PVA glue. Brushes. Paper cups. A kitchen strainer. The cut off bottom of a PET soda pop bottle. Craft sticks. Four drinking glasses all the same height. Oh – and rubber gloves.

I was set.

Terra – Inner Earth

First I selected the colours I wanted to use. Pouring dollops of each into different paper cups, I added a splash of water, a few drops of vodka and a generous squirt of PVA glue. Faux acrylic paint made with poster paint! A much cheaper option. I stirred each colour until it was all combined and the paint runny enough to pour. Some needed a bit more water. Easier to add more than try to take it away.  I knew I needed lots of white so I made big batch of that.

When looking for canvases I found a bonanza of different sizes all discounted to half price or less. And then I found another scoop of printed wall art (on canvas) that was even cheaper. I could just paint over it.  I was spoilt for choice.

Terra – Fire

Having assembled all my bits and bobs I balanced the canvas on top of 4 glasses strategically placed at each corner. This allows the paint to flow over the edges freely without the canvas drying on to the newspaper.

Then  – play time. Given I was home alone I couldn’t take photos along the way. My hands were covered in paint. I don’t think the camera would have appreciated being painted as well.

Opal -White Crystal

With this kind of painting it is not possible to really predict the end result. At least it isn’t for me.  So I merrily splashed colours on in layered puddles. Some paintings I poured the paint through the kitchen strainer. Yet others I poured it on to the soda pop bottle end and watched it cascade down onto the canvas in ever widening circles of different colours.

Opal Fire


This time I didn’t use string. But I did use the craft sticks to manipulate the paint. Because it is poured on in layers if you gently stroke the top layer of paint it magically reveals the other layers beneath.

These paintings take quite some time to dry as there is so much  paint on the canvas. On average I found it was 24 – 36 hours before they were fully dry.

Opal – Rainbow

When I looked at my collection of paintings I found they fell into two distinct groups. All have been influenced by the colours of the landscapes we traversed during our recent roadtrip to the Top End – hence the Terra and Opal series.

The White Crystal and Rainbow paintings both have been further touched up. Once dry, I added highlights of pearlescent paints.

Now all I need is for himself to return home and hang them for me. He would prefer not to put holes newly painted walls, but they need splashes of colour to brighten the room.


© Raili Tanska

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51 thoughts on “Channeling My Inner Picasso

      1. ha..ha.. you are allow to boasting, it is fantastic 🙂
        I like painting myself but haven’t done it for ages, actually since I moved to Europe I haven’t done any painting sadly. I always thinking to do it, but it seems time goes so quickly and before I know it, I already away on vacation. ah well.. at least I enjoy my life:)

  1. OML! You went from novice to pro in such a short time. I can’t decide which I like best. It’s a toss up between Terra Cosmos, Opal Fire, and Opal Rainbow. How fun would it be to take one and build and entire room around it! Just awesome, Raili!!!

    1. Thanks Calen. I like the Fire and Rainbow ones too. I have visions of fluid painting a whole wall, lol ! Somehow I don’t think that would go down so well with a certain someone,

  2. Oh love these especially Opal Fire, and Opal Rainbow. Your Fluid painting post inspired myself and my daughter. We are going to try it soon. What’s the Vodka for? Could you use rubbing alcohol?

    1. Excellent! You picked my two top favourites too. The YouTube video I watched said to use rubbing alcohol. I figured vodka was the purest commercially available and I had some so substituted 🙂 You don’t have to add it – it helps to create ‘cells’ – like little exploded bubbles in the paint. I didn’t get many cells, but then I wasn’t aiming specifically for them either. You get just as good results and have just as much fun without it.

      1. What, and have all those politicians and imprisoned perverts staring up my skirt? I think not! 😉

        I can find excuses for avoiding anything no matter how much fun – that would take me away from writing 🙂

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