Kim’s Photos – #1

The Retired Husband’s baby brother has turned to photography. He’s pretty good. Enjoy these shots of our state through his camera lens. When the moon turns night into day with the lights of Adelaide on the horizon. Messing around capturing star trails in my back yard. This is 125 images stacked in photoshop. Zoom in … More Kim’s Photos – #1


The best known of all Australian Aboriginal musical instruments is the didgeridoo. It is Possibly the world’s oldest musical instrument. A wind instrument originally found in Arnhem Land, Northern Australia. Is made from limbs and tree trunks hollowed out by termites (white ants). Is cut to an average length of 1.3 metres and cleaned out … More Didgeridoo

Laugh till you Cry

Laughter is a serious business it seems. It is good for you. It is infectious. BUT here’s the crunch – it can also kill you. Yes,  it is possible to literally die from laughter—not from the joke itself, but from the body’s reaction to it. Among the many possible medical ways that laughing too hard can kill you are a  ruptured brain … More Laugh till you Cry

Luscious Lips

How do you like your lips to look? OK, this could be considered a sexist question. However, I am not assuming that the wearing of lipstick is restricted to any particular gender. After all, the painting of lips has been around a loooong time when you consider that 5,000 years ago Ancient Sumerian men and … More Luscious Lips

Wish Upon A Star

‘Tis Day 2 of a  lyrical challenge. Today I give you two for the price of one. Simply because I could not choose between them. Iz, the gentle Hawaiian giant whose voice sends shivers down my spine – I fell in love with this song the minute I heard it. APOLOGY – the video I … More Wish Upon A Star

A Song In My Heart

It’s a beautiful day. The sun is shining. The sky is blue. The birds are singing. What could be better? Perhaps a little bit from the two greats of Jazz: The Queen, Ella Fitzgerald and The King, Louis Armstrong… A three-day lyrical challenge – Day 1 Thanks Jane. You caught me in the mood. But then, after … More A Song In My Heart