Will You Watch the Lunar Eclipse?

We are a day away from the longest total lunar eclipse of the 21st century

The entire event will last nearly four hours, with the maximum eclipse lasting for one hour, 42 minutes, and 57 seconds from 19:30 to 21:13 UTC.

If you are a lunar eclipse watcher this link gives detail about best viewing times and places.

When the Sun, Earth, and Moon all properly align, and the Moon passes completely through the Earth’s shadow,  a total lunar eclipse occurs. But there’s a combination of factors that all come together to make an eclipse as long as possible. Each of these leads to consequences that can be observed.

For the metaphysically minded, full moons and eclipses are considered to be  magical, mystical times – powerful times for transformation.

Me? If I am awake at 0500 hours tomorrow morning, I will don my dressing gown and moon bathe.

© Raili Tanska

Steps for Peace

MY full Moon Wishes for the World
by Coach Bobbi:
May you have
comfort in your surroundings
Love in your heart
Hugs to keep you warm
Smiles forthcoming
Peace when you sleep
A house you call home



10 thoughts on “Will You Watch the Lunar Eclipse?

  1. It was truely amazing! Watched it creep over and cover the moon which became a deep red, Mars was so bright … and then a shooting star came from just above Mars and went right across the sky. It was so bright that the stars it passed faded in it’s light.

    Two precious opportunities for wishes … mine are similar to those posted above but also things are slowly coming together for me to get totally off grid in my preferred idealic location 🙂 So my wishes are coming true, how about yours?

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