The Mysterious Matter of the Missing Mobile – Sequel

I invite you to time travel back in time –

just a little bit:

We could not waste any more time looking for a mobile phone that clearly did  not want to come on a road trip with us…

That was  back in February.

We were heading off in a rush to travel to brother-in-law’s funeral interstate.

On arriving back home, the hunt was back on for the elusive mobile.

He searched high and low. He emptied bins and combed through them like a detective looking for clues. He looked under beds and behind cupboards with torch in hand.

No mobile….TRH (The Retired Husband) has had to admit defeat and order a new one…

Now fast track to last Sunday, please.  Once again TRH was travelling interstate. This time by plane to spend time with his Dad who has just had double bypass surgery.

He had packed most of his stuff the night before. At 6am he got up to finish packing. I was still snoozing. You know, those last few fifteen minute bites before you have none left and you have to face  the inevitable.  I heard him come into the bedroom.

You will not believe this! he said

Huh? Wha … I muttered sleepily as I opened my eyes.

In one hand he was holding a sneaker, in the other, a mobile phone.

I found it in my shoe! The missing mobile!

Well, that woke me up. And he was right. I didn’t believe him. Until I saw for myself.

You gotta be kidding! In your SHOE?! How did it get there?

Brisbane by night – Image Credit: Kimmo Tanska

There followed a lengthy conversation as he finished packing while I dressed. I lay the facts before you –

  • In Feb (when said mobile disappeared) he had packed his bags (including his sneakers) and placed them in the car.
  • Then he went for that last essential trip to the loo before we headed off – mobile in hand. As you do when you are a man.
  • I was witness to him holding said device in his hand as I did a final whip around the house.
  • He then  took the last bits of rubbish to the bin and got in the car.
  • At which point he realised he had left his mobile phone inside. Or so he thought.
  • We searched…and searched… and searched…

All the way to the airport I traced the story of those sneakers since February. We have no answers. I now lay those most salient facts  before you –

  • the sneakers are lightweight
  • it is impossible to move them OR wear them without knowing that there is a foreign object, aka mobile phone, in said sneaker
  • those very same sneakers were worn in Victoria in February
  • they were packed and unpacked for that trip
  • they were packed and unpacked for the recent Darwin road trip too. Never did either of them contain a hiding   missing mobile.

So – HOW did that phone suddenly appear in his shoe the very morning he was leaving – on another trip?

And the very morning   after he had ordered me a new mobile because mine was cactus and I would be left home without a functional mobile.

Any answers – anyone ???

© Raili Tanska

Steps for Peace

“Be so happy that when others look at you, they become happy too”

14 thoughts on “The Mysterious Matter of the Missing Mobile – Sequel

  1. was obviously the sock fairies … you know the ones that steal that sock as we sleep so we’re left with a broad range of single socks and no matching pairs 🙂
    Well fairies must have mistaken mobile for a sock then took sometime to realise it was a completely different object so returned it to said shoe!
    You mean you never actually dialled that number? That’s the easiest way to relocate a missing phone is to call it .. the fairies might have answered and then you would be famous for finally talking to the sock fairies … really 🙂

    1. Like the one from Harry Potter? I always felt so sorry for him, even though his name escapes me just now. We actually DID try ringing it – many times. No answer. Obviously whichever fairy it was did not feel like answering any calls.

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