I’m painting – again

Linda from Spiritual Dragonfly mentioned she had booked into a course about fluid painting. Intrigued, I YouTubed it. Looked so fun I decided I knew enough to have a go. So I did the other day.

It is one thing to read and watch how to videos to actually getting down and dirty. I was reminded of this as I plunged in plastic gloved pouring watered down acrylic paint onto a canvas.

The pouring bit was easy. Taking photos of work in progress proved impossible. My hands were dripping in paint. The newspaper covering the dining room table was too. Not to mention the HEAPS of paint layered in puddles on the canvas waiting to emerge into my masterpiece. So I called in my resident photographer – TRH (The Retired Husband).

He is used to my eccentricities and crafting. Merely asked what I was doing, I said Painting of course. I want you to take pictures, waving my paint dripping hands in his face.

I had also seen and read about string painting. I decided to combine the two. In my enthusiasm I forgot that the experts only put one paint laden string at a time on the canvas. I put – well – heaps, as you can see.

I had rather liked the earthy toned look of the original paint as it ebbed and waned over the changing angles of the canvas. After I had finished stringing – it was a mess. Even TRH’s  helpful suggestions did not really make much of a difference. Admittedly it did look a bit better.

I played around a bit more, managing to get a bit more of a decent look. The thing with this kind of painting is that it stays wet – and fluid – for along time. So you can mess around with it as much as you want. It may not help to make it look any better, but it’s fun. 

TRH left me to it. I looked at it from all angles. And decided I didn’t like it. So I mixed more pots of paint and poured it on in splashes and multi-layered puddles. This is the final result. I’m pretty pleased with it.

This is all leading up to creating some masterpieces for our guest bedroom which we are in the process of renovating.

Fluid acrylics are acrylic paints with a runny or thin consistency, designed to flow and spread easily without sacrificing color intensity. Fluid acrylics are ideal for pouring or dribbling paint, rather than applying it with a brush.

You must surely agree this video makes it look so easy! Hint – I think it takes a bit of practice…

© Raili Tanska

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37 thoughts on “I’m painting – again

  1. I saw Linda’s post about fluid painting – it looks like a lora fun! I really like those earthy tones, but I love the splendour of the final result. How many tubes of acrylic paint did you get through?

    1. It is SO much fun! I had half tubes left over from previous projects. I probably used 2 or 3 all up. Less if I had just decided to leave it earthy but I wasn’t happy with anything I tried, hence a second layer of pouring.

      1. I really does sound so much fun. I like it when you start creating without a particular goal in mind – just keep going until you see something you like.

    1. So much more to know. I discovered last night that it is better to use a medium in the paint…I just diluted with water. Look forward to following your painting discoveries, Linda.

      1. I made a mixture of elmers glue/water and mixed that into the paint to the desired consistency…….I had to get a refund for my class yesterday….family stuff came up that I had to tend to…just saw another class is on the schedule so I’ll be signing up for that one!! :)))

      2. I’ve been researching making my own faux acruylic as I got some super cheap poster paint. Adding PVC glue and a touch of booze (aka rubbing alcohol, or, in my case, vodka) does the trick. Found a shop that is also selling canvases half price so I bought the biggest they had, lol. Hope the famiy is OK, Linda xxxx

      3. Im having fun with it…just found another video with an interesting twist to it….once I have everything in place I’m ready to play again! lol
        Theres some health stuff that needs to be addressed Raili, but staying positive xxx

      4. Oh, I hope your healt stuff sorts itself out Linda and is nothing too challenging to deal with. I have been doing more paintings the last couple of days. Used quite a few twisty techniques with some beautiful results.

      5. You’re right. It is. I have done four in the last couple of days – each is so unique. I’m wondering if I stood on the roof whether I could paint the house !

  2. That video is cool, but I’d have paint EVERYWHERE!!! I like the way yours turned out, but there was something kind of cool about those copperish colors. Do some more! I wanna see!

    1. I liked the copperish colours too, but they ended up in such a mess. I couldn’t get it to look good. It was a case of trying to do too much. Should have left it alone instead of trying to improve it, lol. The plan is to do some for our guest bedroom, so there will be more. This was a test run

    2. And the whole thing about doing these kinds of paintings is that it gives you permission to make a mess! In fact, it’s impossible not to 🙂 I had the table covered in newspaper which contained it. But got paint all over my tracksuit. Lucky it’s water soluble 🙂

  3. Now this is what I call synchronicity Raili WHY? well only yesterday I watched a great little video about doing something similar but they poured all the paint in layers of runny colours into a plastic cup, then put the canvas on top to tip the cup upside down without its contents spilling, then they lifted the cup to allow the spread of the paints on the canvas, She then used a Bunsen burner type hand held gun to pop the air out of the paints that left little cells.. The results were amazing.. And that is what I am preparing to do this afternoon.. To get messy..

    I too have been painting, some more abstract than my normal work.. I think we are both within our creative flow.
    Long may we remain doing what we enjoy..
    Love and Blessings. ❤ And Loved your finished Painting.. SO colourful and lively.. ❤

    1. I saw that video. AND a ton of others. SOme stringing, some using kitchen strainers, lemon squeezer thingys, turntables. So many options, so little time……. have oodles of fun! I went out and got more paints and a HUGE canvas that I will paint when I know a bit more about what I am doing 🙂

  4. Nice post!

    I dabble in acrylic portrait painting, but I’m still very much in the representational stage, trying to learn the basics. Most people find it strange, but abstract art is beyond me.

    I love the power of some abstract works, but I suck at having the imagination for creating such things. If I get anywhere nearly the results you do, it’s because I stumbled into them, then had the good sense to stop there. Both unlikely to happen.

    Thanks for an enjoyable post.

    1. Tank you Paul 🙂 I could never do portrait painting! It would end up looking like a really seriously bad Picasso. I bet if you had a go at fluid painting it would be stunning

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