Moonlight Murder

*Announced by neither lightning nor thunder, a sudden hard rain roared down the night and drummed the roof.

*The inky trees silvered with moonlight were like a forest dreamed into existence by an artist with etching-needles, a black wax ground board and an  eye for the eerie.

*There could be no menace in the moon  yet it hung (over the night) as if it were a dragon’s egg from which some world-ending beast would hatch.

* The rain withered to an end as she finished the task, and the waning day came to an early twilight under the wrung-out cloud.

*His corpse toppled backward into the life that had splashed out on the floor behind him.

*Somehow a smile seemed more dangerous just now, a challenge to Fate that Fate would not ignore.

*Almost 40 years of grief and settled sorrow had worked upon the flesh, and even a single smile – perhaps even 10,000 of them – could not erase the engraved melancholy.

*His face had been so gently folded by time and so respectfully drawn by gravity that advanced age was, in his case, a grace.

◊ To be separated from him was a deep-heart sorrow.

>He had no idea what had possessed his daughter to do such a thing, but whatever the reason, it had brought back the past.

< They sat together side by side, the three of them, and watched in silence as the fire devoured the past.

And now, let’s open a magnificent red wine.

◊ In the crystal cups , the smooth and steady (candle) flames elongated and fluttered like serpent tongues.

Raili Tanska

Steps for Peace
Day by day, what you do is what you become.

How this story was created:

I don’t know quite what to call this, it’s just something that emerged from somewhere within my Muse. I have created this short murder mystery from books written by two authors – Dean Koontz and Judy Nunn.

I have used the last lines from three of Judy Nunn’s books – > Maralinga, <Elianne and ∞Spirit of the Ghan

The rest are drawn from two books written by Dean Koontz: the Jane Hawk series – *The Silent Corner and ◊The Crooked Staircase. His descriptive languaging is just superb.

14 thoughts on “Moonlight Murder

    1. No, not first lines. Last lines from Judy Nunn book and random selections from the others 🙂 I fell in love with his wonderfully descriptive languaging and started writing down some of them… with no idea what I was going to use them for 🙂

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