Sunday Serenity – 7023 kilometres

The journey of 7023 kilometres starts with one step.

We arrived back home last night

after being on the road for four weeks.
For today’s Sunday Serenity, sit back, relax,

and join me on a road trip….

While you do, listen to Tommy Crow playing his didgeridoo.

We had the privilege of being treated to an impromptu performance by him

in Coober Pedy yesterday where he was artist in residence for two weeks at the Kangaroo Orphanage.

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© Raili Tanska

Steps for Peace
Home is where the heart is



24 thoughts on “Sunday Serenity – 7023 kilometres

  1. Hi Raili, welcome back, and I’m enjoying Tommy Crow’s glorious didgeridoo music, while I’m viewing your wonderful picture slide show, Thank you for both these show’s, fabulous. xx

  2. Beauti4ful trip you had. That instrument is so hunting, I love so much. I could listen to it forever. It captures your heart.

  3. Enjoyed the Tommy Crow video a lot! We’re familiar with the didge because one of our favorite groups that come to the Scottish Highlands games in Salt Lake every year plays them. They’re The Wicked Tinkers. They’re not playing them in this video but I love these guys. The kids adore the dude with the long hair. He’s nuttier than a fruitcake!

  4. Welcome home Raili! Tommy Crow is very good am amazed at how many sounds he can conjure up from the didgeridoo. Do you happen to know from what type of wood they make the didges?
    Looks like Big Red needs a good wash to get rid of all the dust.

    1. She needs a super deluxe spa bath, inside and out! I’m not sure what wood is preferred for the didges – I’ll see if I can find out. The one he played in Coober Pedy was awesome. I don’t know if I can post it here, but you will find it on FB – Markku took a video and shared it on his timeline.

  5. Oh – I just posted a PM – IGNORE IT! I’m so relieved you are back – I have no idea why this post didn’t pitch up in my inbox as a notification.

  6. What a musical treat – Tommy Crowe followed by Calen’s Wicked Tinkers.

    Could I be the only woman in the world who finds kilts (and bagpipes) kinda sexy? 🙂

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