Goodbye Darwin

On the way to see more crocodiles

The last two and a half weeks have flown by.  The days have been filled with sightseeing, yummy food, good company. Interestingly, we have bumped into two couples from Adelaide here in Darwin!

If you knew nothing about crocodiles, by the time you leave, there is no excuse for not being informed. They pose a very real risk and danger to the unwary.

WW11 Darwin bombing and Cyclone Tracy have left an indelible imprint on the psyche and soul of this city.

There were LOTS of BIIIIIG ones
Snack time


There are many memorials, exhibits and information loaded tours about both. We feel war, cyclone and crocodile saturated.

Japanese Zero bomber

This virtual reality surround sound video gave a very personal in-your-face experience. You are right in the middle of the action, including a vibrating seat during the bombing scenes. Being motion sensitive, I actually felt nauseous and the floor was swaying under my feet for several minutes afterwards.

Virtual reality experience of the bombing
Site of first bombing

In between all the sightseeing and eating, father and son had time to go on several essential shopping expeditions to Bunnings. Marc’s toyota sprinter finally left the safety of our carport in Adelaide after 7 years to join him here in Darwin. It is a work in progresss to make it roadworthy. In order for him to be able to work on the car, he needed a workbench and tools.  More tools are required apparently.

There was time to make Marc a workbench in his carport
Marc’s car












Father and son absorbed in watching man things




Darwin size coffee in a soup bowl











The weekend finished with a bang, literally. The first of July is NT Day. Territorians celebrate the 40th anniversary of self-governance. It is legal for private citizen to light up fireworks. From 6pm to 11pm, the night was alive with fireworks. It was been an endless spectacle of fireworks. A fitting end for our holiday!

Given the problems we had with internet connection on our trip up, I am not at all sure how much luck I will have in publishing posts along the way. But be assured I will be collecting photos and information every step of the way to share with you.


© Raili Tanska

Steps for Peace
Celebrate life with joy and love
















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    1. It went on for hours. Started at six and was still going after midnight – we saw everything from marc’s driveway, he’s so close to the action!

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