7 thoughts on “Sunday Serenity – Uluru meditation

  1. Thank you for posting this meditation. It was very moving. Unfortunately I’ve not had the chance to visit Uluru, but definitely plan to. I had the good fortune to visit what is now Kakadu when I was in Darwin 40 years ago, but it wasn’t a National Park then. Thank God that happened and now the traditional custodians care for it.

    1. We have just been for a river cruise in Katherine Gorge, which is now in full ownership by the traditional owners who operate the tours. It is a beautiful area. I had an hour on my own surrounded by the beauty of it all while the others trekked on. It was really special.

      1. I remember it well. My daughter was only 18 months old and a wallaby came out of the bush and went straight up to her. It continued to follow us for some time.

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