Saturday Smiles – Crocodiles

Being immersed as we have been in things of Darwin, it seems remiss to leave this last Top End Saturday Smiles without devoting it to the crocodiles. The image on the left is from a souvenir T shirt we bought.

Monday we start the long trek back towards Adelaide and winter weather. Nights there have been 2 – 3 dec C whilst we have been sweltering in the balmy tropics of winter that is Darwin.



(click the above link for full story – worth a read)

Todd Bairstow went where no sane person ever wants to be — in the reeking maw of a saltwater crocodile that had him by the legs and wouldn’t let go.

The reptile was more than 3m long, not especially big for a full-grown saltie. But that was of limited comfort to Bairstow as he fought to hold it off, his strength ebbing. That he lived to tell the story was more luck than anything else.

“I shouldn’t be here, mate,” he says, pointing with a mutilated hand to his scarred lower legs. “When I finally had to let go of the mangrove and the bastard pulled me into the water, I thought, ‘That’s it … I’m crocodile shit.’ ”……

As for the crocodile that went after Bairstow, it was trapped the day after the attack on March 9, 2011, and transported to a commercial farm near Cairns. Bair­stow ­insists he holds no grudges: “I visited the bastard and threw it a chicken.”


If you’re in crocodile country – BE CAREFUL!

Raili Tanska

Steps for Peace
If  we save our wild  places, we will ultimately save ourselves.
Steve Irwin, The Crocodile Hunter

20 thoughts on “Saturday Smiles – Crocodiles

  1. How nice! Ur featured image is fantastic! Did u take it urself?
    It’s great to see someone explore the wild. Great to see someone open to the world. It takes a love-filled heart to want to take in the treasures of the world n to take care of it too! I salute you!

    I encourage u to read my blog about spirituality. Mindfulness is a powerful way of connecting with God or whatever divine being u believe in. You are truly mindful!🌸❤️🌸

    1. It is one of my photos. Thank you 🙂 I will be coming by your site – probably when I get back home from this road trip. Our internet access will be either very limited or non-existent when we leave Darwin

  2. Also there is serenity in the way you write. It is splendid really. U write and u allow the reader to breathe and take in the taste of your words. It’s amazing to learn this style! Thank you!

    1. Great! When we leave from Darwin, I am not expecting to be able to post much, given the problems we had on the way up. Will be doing a lot more sight seeing on the way back

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