Darwin food and a sunset dinner cruise

Yesterday we had breakfast at Yogi’s Way, a newly opened cafe which is just around the corner from Marc’s.  The inside is akin to entering a cave. Dark walls, dark timber floors. And these two  stunning, full wall size paintings. Breakfast was scrumptious – House made Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon. Too busy eating to take a photo.

A sunset dinner cruise on Darwin Harbour topped the day off nicely.

We’ve tried many different eateries whilst here. This morning we drove to Trader Jack’s. Located in the middle of an industrial area, I was beginning to wonder what we would find.  It was good. And to top it off, the cafe was inside a shop stocked with all kinds of goodies. We were served by a woman who had lived in Adelaide not far from us!  She had some interesting stories to tell. Back in 1980 her uncle introduced her to their pet crocodile which they kept in an enclosure in their backyard, compete with its own swimming pool. He was a big ‘un having stayed in his territory throughout cyclone Tracy six years earlier.

In the shop we found a couple of ‘interesting’ things to take back home for our first happy hour –

Beef jerky
Beef jerky too
TRH’s smashed avo and haloumi toast
My Acai Bowl breakfast

© Raili Tanska

Steps for Peace
Eat well, sleep well, take time in nature, laugh and be happy. St G






32 thoughts on “Darwin food and a sunset dinner cruise

      1. Stating the obvious, it is showing the Third Eye. Perhaps Indian/Eastern mysticism. I believe the owner is from Bhutan, at least judging by some of the menu items..

  1. Gosh Raili, with serves like that both of you won’t starve whilst on your epic journey.😂
    Nice photos of the sunset trip, glad to see the sea was calm.

    1. I think it’s meant to be a yogi with a thumb over his third eye – the place is called Yogi’s Way. They are both full wall size murals. Very striking

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