Sunday Serenity – Aboriginal Dreaming

From Coober Pedy onward the Australian Indigenous peoples  are  far more visible than in  the big cities.

Strong in  connection to the land, their songs and stories tell of their history and culture.

Dreamtime stories are the Australian indigenous peoples’ stories and songs of creation. 

Here is a little Dreamtime story to whet your appetite.

And now – an invitation to experience some of it for yourself….

Steps for Peace
steps for peace candle

Raili Tanska



14 thoughts on “Sunday Serenity – Aboriginal Dreaming

  1. Interesting story but not sure how the second video enabled one to experience dreamtime story as in the title. Link again leads to thoughts on Manchester bomb aftermath??

    1. Thank you for your thoughtful comments Margaret. My apologies for any confusion. The Sunday Serenity posts are meditations. The second video is a dreamtime meditation based on an aboriginal dreamtime story with aboriginal instruments. My Steps for Peace in each post is my small way of bringing a focus on peace in these times of chaos. I have changed the link to a different post about peace. Perhaps I should leave the link out in future, to save any confusion ?

      1. Hi Raili, beautiful idea for postings. My misunderstanding that first video had direct link to second one.
        I think the peace link is a wonderful idea to share.
        Enjoy all your postings.

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