Aliens in the Outback

Most people stumble onto the story behind this weird place when they stop to fill up on fuel.  That’s what happened to me. TRH (The Retired Husband) has of course been there. He just never told me about it.

Wycliffe Well, is located in the Red Centre, the Outback of Australia. It is 130 kilometres south of Tennant Creek and 380 kilometres north of Alice Springs.  Turns out it is also famous for visitors from out of space. Seriously. Wycliffe Well apparently is the Australian equivalent of Roswell. The Aussie UFO capital due to the hundreds of reported UFO sightings that have occurred there since WWII. Wycliffe Well is one of the top 5 UFO hotspots in the world that can guarantee a sighting every couple of days. Well, I never!

Back in the mid nineteenth century it was a stop over for telegraph linemen. In WW2 it was a way-station for servicemen. They reported many sightings. A log book was started to record them and is apparently still maintained to this day. I will be checking it on our way back home.  The inside of the roadhouse is so full of aboriginal, alien and UFO stuff that it was hard to take it all in when really all we wanted was a quick trip to the loo and a fill up of fuel. The walls were covered in newspaper clippings and articles. It was hard to know where to look.

Wycliffe Well apparently is recognised as a powerspot, sitting at the crossroads of several ley lines. Also close by are the Devil’s Marbles or Karlu Karlu to the local Indigenous people  who consider it a sacred site. They are huge boulders perched atop each other dotting the countryside. Another place I will be stopping at to photograph on the return journey.

According to the Aboriginal Dreamtime story, Arrange, the Devil Man, travelled through the area.  As he walked along he was making a hair string belt. Clusters of hair dropped on the ground. They became the red granite boulders, perched one on top of the other, at Karlu Karlu. I wonder whether Karlu Karlu dreamtime stories too feature visitations from aliens as do those of other areas.

Wycliffe Well roadhouse
Alien landing pad

Anyway, I digress. Back to Wycliffe Well. The first thing that struck me was the roadhouse. Painted grey, it was covered in images of aliens and UFO’s.

According to the tourist parks brochure, “UFO sightings are so common, that if you stayed up all night looking, you would be considered unlucky not to see anything, rather than lucky to see something”.

The next thing that struck me was the UFO landing pad and it’s group of green aliens.

I must admit it all looks rather bizarre. And old. And tired.  But also rather intriguing.

 Lou Farkus , the original  owner and site developer says that Scientists say the sky is full of Ley Lines, which act like highways for the UFO’s to travel along…. But these energy lines must meet somewhere and one of those crossroads or intersections lies directly above the middle of Australia. That’s why we see so many here.

Wycliffe Well sightings include cigar, square and rectangular shapes pulsating, spinning and flashing different coloured lights – orange, green, red.

Perhaps we should stop overnight at Wycliffe Well on the way home and see what we can see…

© Raili Tanska

Steps for Peace
We come to greet you in peace

16 thoughts on “Aliens in the Outback

  1. Better have an open mind to these sort of things people all over the world can’t be wrong abut E.T’s. It’s the gov’t that keep theses things covered up.

  2. Oh please stay the night! I have had UFO experiences at The Place of Angels, and sightings of UFOs there even hit the press! If you are open, courageous and expectant, you will have your own experience….

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