Kulgera shoe tree – updated

We have arrived in Darwin so I am now able to edit this post (so sorry about all the autocorrect mistakes in the original. Posting via mobile phone is not my forte. And even more so in challenging conditions) and add some images and other information. Thank goodness!

Yesterday’s post created a stir of interest in the shoes on the clothes hoist. I was able to get some information. Our wifi connection is again non-existent. That’s what happens when traveling in ‘oonawupwup’

Back in 2007 couple moved to Kulgera from an Aboriginal mission called Hermannsburg. Whilst there they had adopted a stray dog, they named Blackie. He, of course, moved with them.

Blackie took to collecting shoes from the local caravan park to bring as gifts to his family.
Not knowing what to do with them, they started to hang them on an old tree. Travelers took to adding to the growing pile. Some helped themselves to shoes that were in better condition than their own. Eventually the tree was blown over in a storm and was replaced by the shoed clothes hoist.

Blackie has passed on to heavenly shoe hunting grounds but there is a statue of him in the local golf course.

ยฉ Raili Tanska

Steps for Peace
Walk a mile or two in others’ shoesย 

24 thoughts on “Kulgera shoe tree – updated

  1. What a great story. I expected something entirely different; in the UK – and maybe in lots of places around the world – shoes can sometimes be seen hanging from overhead cables. Usually it means that the owner of the shoes has died tragically.

    1. I’ve seen those shoes here too and always wondered why they were there. Now I know. We’re thinking to add a pair to Blackie’s stash on the way back home ๐Ÿ™‚

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