Darwin Street Art

The Larrakia people are the traditional owners of the Darwin region. Indigenous art work is dotted around in many places – not just in galleries and museums. We unexpectedly came across this beautifully painted silo in the boondocks. Often referring to themselves as ‘Saltwater People,’ they had a vibrant traditional society based on a close … More Darwin Street Art

The Chinese Connection

Chinese migrants have played a big role in the population of Australia.  By 1878 the Chinese population in Darwin outnumbered the European. The Government of the day contracted ‘coolies’  to work in the goldfields and the building of railway lines. They were cheap labour at the time. Discriminated against by the locals, they were forbidden … More The Chinese Connection

Bush tucker and coral in Darwin

The three green ants. (Industry/Government, Aboriginal People and Aboriginal Bush Traders) are working together towards creating a secure and sustainable economic future(The nest) for Aboriginal People. The logo features the racik (cross hatch) which is typically found in Top End cultural art , signifying our regional interest. You can’t build a strong nest without working … More Bush tucker and coral in Darwin

Darwin Sightseeing

The last few days have been snippets of experiencing the diversity of what Darwin has on offer.  We have had meals at many different places, including the waterfront. Today was disappointing as many places we had earmarked were either closed on full. But we have a full list to visit next week to compensate. WETLANDS … More Darwin Sightseeing

Sunday Serenity – Aboriginal Dreaming

From Coober Pedy onward the Australian Indigenous peoples  are  far more visible than in  the big cities. Strong in  connection to the land, their songs and stories tell of their history and culture. Dreamtime stories are the Australian indigenous peoples’ stories and songs of creation.  Here is a little Dreamtime story to whet your appetite. … More Sunday Serenity – Aboriginal Dreaming

Darwin orchids

Yesterday we had the privilege of a private viewing at Palmerston Orchids. The proprietors, Denis and Sherryll Fett, kindly agreed to show us around their orchid nursery. Located in their backyard, there were orchids every which way you turned. Some were newly propagated, others were fully grown. One was over twenty years old.  There were … More Darwin orchids