Nature’s Antibiotic

If you add a pinch of black pepper to this mix, it will make the curcumin in the turmeric more readily bio-available.  Make yourself a mug of golden tea at bedtime. 1/3 to 1/2 teaspoon in a mug of warm milk. It’s tasty. And oh so good for you.

Raili Tanska

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33 thoughts on “Nature’s Antibiotic

    1. Do, Opher. it is highly regarded in Ayurvedic medicine. Good for the skin too. Indian women use it for facial masks and rub it off with chick pea flower. I can promise you it does not stain the skin! I know. And Indian men use it to reduce facial hair growth….

    1. Hello there, Khaya! You most definitely should try it. Is turmeric featured in your national dishes at all? I know it is used in a lot of Indian curries. I tend to put it in most things – just so we get it regularly.

  1. Thank you for this Raili, I know how good these spices are, and I think I will start taking a glass of this mixture.. and I have saved to vids to watch later too..
    Great to be back catching up again Raili. xx

    1. It’s good to see you back, Sue. Hope all is well. You won’t regret adding turmeric to your list. I use it quite a lot in cooking too even in recipes that do not call for it.

  2. I use Tumeric in my cooking a lot but will be making this for sure. We have a lemon and honey and apple cider drink in the evening so will add this. Thank you .

  3. I’ve often wondered if powdered turmeric is a powerful as fresh root (I use both), I’ve never come across a distinction, and these videos see to suggest it is. Wondered what you think/know?

    1. I use both too, and get fresh when I can. I have never really looked into it. But logic would dictate that powdered is probably more concentrated. I’ll see what i can find out.

      1. Nice little article – very accessible. Fresh is best, eh!? I’m about to run out of both and need to find a new supply. I was lucky in the last place as there was a Sunday veg market with one organic stall and they used to sell it fresh. I tried growing some, but I think it got too cold for it.

      2. Found this lovely guy:
        From this advice, it could be that it went a bit cold for it – I planted it during a warm spell, but we had a few weeks with a severe drop in temperature. Also, I won’t have pushed it in as deep as he did. I read in the comments it won’t do well in temps of less than 18C.

      3. Thanks for the link. It looks like I would be better off growing it in a container. Might have another go if I can find some !

  4. This sounds weird, but I don’t drink milk, so I used Turmeric and pepper in my morning coffee. I clean forgot until I read your post. Thank you for reminding me. I shall do it again.

  5. I had no idea that putting the two ingredients together could be so powerful… nature supplies everything that the natural body needs – it’s a pity that humans have taken so my step back from being natural, and that we destroy so much of nature.

      1. I added it to our porridge this morning – made it a pretty yellow 🙂 Even Tess gobbled it up. She’s getting a bit stiff these days, so it will do her good too.

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