Innovation in solar power

According to August 2017 data, ‘Australian residential customers are paying the highest electricity prices in the world – two to three times more than American households – but experts say they need more than information to navigate the thicket of discounts and offers.

South Australian households are paying the highest prices in the world at 47.13¢ per kilowatt hour, more than Germany, Denmark and Italy which heavily tax energy, after the huge increases on July 1, Carbon + Energy Markets’ MarkIntell data service says.’

It goes without saying that innovations leading to affordable, renewable and eco-friendly energy excite businesses and households who struggle to cover the ever escalating cost of living.

Raili Tanska

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14 thoughts on “Innovation in solar power

    1. So many people are struggling to pay their electricity bills. Other utilities are increasing too. Water is outrageously expensive. To boot the services are erratic. Yesterday our suburb was without water all day due to a major burst water pipe somewhere. Some go without food – or simply without power. And that becomes a serious issue in winter and summer, esp for the very young and elderly. Not to mention the no food bit….

  1. We sure need to start getting the alternative energy together. Why aren’t all new houses built to some kind of standard?

  2. Gosh I though the UK were bad enough.. But many homes even in the UK now have solar panels on the roof and look at the grey days we get.. So I am surprised that this form of energy is not being used as widely as it could be where you live Raili..
    I know we have alternatives out there but we are all held to ransom by the big boys in the energy world..

    1. Solar panels are becoming more popular – but expensive to buy and takes many years to recoup the cost. Wind energy farms are also popping up here and there. But not enough, and not reliable enough to cover need. A couple of years ago we had a massive state-wide outage due to lack of maintenance and a whole lot of other issues – mostly due to poor planning for sustainable energy at peak times. Some country areas were without power for a week or more – during summer!

      1. And I thought your country was up to date with such things. Here too we looked into solar panels but expensive. Plus if you get them via an energy company, you don’t own them .so there can be problematic when selling your home.

      2. The other problem is that the manufacturing and subsequent disposal of old units is very polluting. They also use rare earth minerals… so it begs the question of just how good are they really.

      3. Yes, very true, yet you know Raili. I bet some one somewhere has a solution tucked under their sleeve, but its suppressed because of the big boys and their profit margins..
        Take care of your self.. Love and Hugs xx

      4. So much of that dodgy stuff has happened. Our lives and that of the earth would be so much better without that corruption and greed, sigh…. you take care too, Sue xxx

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