How to plant a tree

This is a terrible photo but it gives you an idea of what I am talking about

Over the years our little cul-de-sac has been eroded of council planted shade trees in front of the houses. We are all meant to have one. Last year I counted that there were 4 missing. And with new houses being built, there will be a need for even more. So I contacted the council requesting they do something about it.

Six months later they arrived. Today in fact. To plant the four original missing trees. I watched, fascinated.

Two big trucks. One towing a trailer with assorted saplings. Five workers. That’s right – five! Four were armed with shovels. Or is it spades? I get confused which is for what. Anyway, after a good ten minutes of earnest discussion, someone struck a shovel into the ground. Then he stopped to rest. And the next one did the same. They each took turns to dig one side of what I could only assume was to be a square hole.  The fifth person had the responsibility of removing the saplings out of the trailer and taking them to the newly dug hole.

Every now and then they would pause. Well – often. There seemed to be more pausing than digging.  But then, I am no expert in the complexities of digging holes and planting baby trees. Obviously it is a complex business requiring much discussion and planning.  And much resting with wiping sweat off brows.

The weather was 16 deg C, cloudy, with a light drizzle.  Hence the poor quality of the photo. That, and my phone camera is misbehaving badly.

The four saplings needing new homes to tap their roots into were located about ten metres apart. Each new tree required the truck with the trailer to be relocated next to the new dig. This, it seemed to me, was so that shovelfuls of dirt could be thrown in without having to walk excessive distances.

As far as I could tell the second truck, sans trailer, was there for the sole purpose of providing additional soil to fill the newly dug holes.

Unfortunately I had to go out for an hour so I reluctantly left them to their work. They had been at it for a good hour and were already onto their last sapling. When I came home they were gone. And our street now is home to four new baby trees. Yay!

© Raili Tanska

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14 thoughts on “How to plant a tree

  1. I’m all for the workers, what a great job, going around planting baby trees, But I’d always be going back to make sure the little trees were going ok xxx

    1. I think they come around with a water truck for the first little while until they are well established. That, and it’s cold and raining more, so it’s a good time to plant them. Just happy to have more trees in the street.

      1. Trees are wonderful creatures, they give you shelter, beautiful colour, places for birds to call home, and when you hug them they never run away, they stay there happy to share their land and tree spirits with you..xx

  2. “But then, I am no expert in the complexities of digging holes and planting baby trees. Obviously it is a complex business requiring much discussion and planning. And much resting with wiping sweat off brows.” LMBO! Hilarious. But hey, shouldn’t we have a picture of said baby trees??? Geez. Whenever Major Mapleon starts a new tree in our flower bushes or something, we let it mature for a couple of years then we just dig it up and plop it in a hole that his nibs has dug. No discussion. Just a hole. Why do people make things so complicated???

    1. Did you miss the picture? There was one there in that misty shot. It’s probably more of a toddler tree 🙂 I think TRH would have managed to plant all four in five minutes each, even though he hates digging!

      1. I couldn’t tell it was a tree! Thought it must be a mailbox post! Plus with the dumpster sitting there I didn’t think the picture would be about landscaping. LOL Thought that was from when the house was still under construction.

      2. It is – and the house is still under construction. Took that photo yesterday. There are three under construction. The one in the photo was started last and is nearly finished. The first to be started has been on real go slow. Must be getting on for 2 years I reckon. If I was the owner I would be livid by now !!! Yesterday our little street was filled with three trucks and half a dozen tradies cars. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to squeeze my way out in Big Red. But I managed. Some of the blokes looked a tad worried seeing me driving such a big car 🙂

      3. The old houses were sold. The new owners had them demolished and are building new ones. Each block was subdivided – so two houses where there used to be one 😦 Squashed in like sardines. Two of them are two storey monstrosities.

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