We had High Tea


In honour of the Royal Nuptials, I decided to host a High Tea. Well, truth be told, it was just an excuse to do something different. We always have a few friends over on a Saturday afternoon for happy hour.  Just so happened that last Saturday co-incided with The Wedding of the century.

Two of what I considered to be major items could not be had for love or money. It seemed that Adelaide was sold out of strawberry champagne and tiaras. So we made do with a local sparkling rosé and borrowed head bands from my neighbour’s daughter.

Invitations were organised. 

It was to be an intimate, exclusive  occasion for seven – 

Linden House High Tea – 19th May 2018

An exclusive sitting for invited guests to celebrate the occasion of the Royal Wedding

Amuse Bouche

French Onion Soup

Finger Sandwiches

Cucumber with lemon dill butter

Silverside with horseradish and tartare sauce

Smoked Salmon with lemon dill cream cheese and shredded lettuce

Other Savoury

Pumpernickel with cheese and gherkin

Mini Quiche

Mini Puff Dogs

Smoked Fish tart with lemon dill cream cheese


Shortbread Sweethearts

Caramel Slice

Mini Chews

Trifle –

with apple and rhubarb, custard, mascarpone mousse and mulberry coulis


Please ask – assorted teas; and alcoholic/non-alcoholic range available

It was a jolly, smashing do, even if I say so myself. Some  – or, to be more precise, one,  person had never heard of high tea.  Seriously?! He was duly informed by TRH (The Retired Husband) that there would be dainty cucumber and other sandwiches. All with the crusts cut off. And teensy bite size bits of this, that and the other.  None of that big, takes-two-hands-to-handle man size grub. To his amazement, he discovered TRH was right. However, there was plenty of everything so no-one had to go hungry.  What’s more, we only had a little bit left over. Enough for dinner for two the next night. Consensus of opinion about the food – the French onion soup (all 50 ml of it) was awesome. The cucumber sandwiches were actually nice. And the trifle – Oh.My.God. The Trifle!!

It was a lot of work. But – it was fun to do something I had never done before. I was so busy getting things done I hardly took any photos. What you see is the sum total of all camera clicks on the day.  And I am oh so grateful that all the Royals are now safely married so there will be no excuse to repeat this exclusive event.

© Raili Tanska

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38 thoughts on “We had High Tea

  1. Oh God, I wish I could have attended your high tea. Looks and sounds delicious, and interesting.

  2. It looks lovely and delicious! Great job! I’d have loved to been invited if I lived allllll the way over there! 😊

    I watched he ceremony. Woke up early without my alarm and caught the car driving to the castle or whatever place they got hitched. It was lovely! She was elegant and beautiful and he was handsome. Best wishes!

      1. OMG Calen! Don’t you know what that is? It’s one of those frippery head things that are hats without being a hat. You know the kind that has feathers and fluffy stuff flopping around – usually attached to a head band, All the rage at posh events. Big here at the Melbourne Cup horse race and other toffee events. There’s some truly outrageous ones that have been donned – have a look at these: https://www.pinterest.com.au/pin/516084438542403058/?lp=true

      2. Oh. My. GOD!!! Mum used to be a milliner in her younger days – pre-marriage I think. I doubt she ever made anything like these though.

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