Chemical free beauty care

I’ve been using and experimenting with home-made beauty care for decades. I call it kitchen cosmetics.

I thought I knew it all. Not so. There is always new learning – this video was enlightening.

Raili Tanska

Steps for Peace
Let your inner beauty shine for all the world to see

7 thoughts on “Chemical free beauty care

    1. It provides us with everything we need if we cared to just stop for a minute and try doing without the convenient chemical laden crap that is so readily available….

      1. Now that I’m retired, I hardly ever wear make-up. I think because it is no longer part of my morning ritual of getting ready to go out, it just gets forgotten most of the time. Making my own skin care stuff can be a lot of fun – and cheaper!

      2. Ah girl you will never be retired you’re busier now than before, you have that kind of duality of mind and spirit that keeps you doing interesting and inspirational things and I love that about you. BTW I tried the henna and indigo and it worked really well I will take a pic. I don’t wear make-up anymore really it’s just too hot, but making skin care is a great idea, I may give it a whirl too xo

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