7 thoughts on “Saturday Smiles – Cows and more

  1. That’s glitter for you – all you have to do is glance at a glittery Christmas card in a store, and it will magically transfer itself to your face, your clothes, your butt-cheeks… then you go home and for the next five years you’re picking it out of the frying pan and the carpet. Friends shun you since they don’t want to catch the infection, you’re fired from your job for trailing the stuff everywhere you go, your husband leaves you – but it’s too late to save him, since he’s unwittingly taken some of it with him. He loses his job too, and the only work he can get is in a gay bar. Such a waste of a law degree. Before he’s fired, he gets a mad axe murderer off on a technicality. The murderer, rather than being pleased to be freed, is furious to find himself covered in glitter. He takes his axe, inadvertently dropping glitter all over it, and goes out in search of the lawyer. Folks laugh at his shimmering bulk. He gets even more angry, and leaves a trail of innocent blood and guilty glitter…

    I think I should stop right now, except to say that glitter manufacturers are responsible for a lot of pain and suffering in this world 🙂

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